Geosolutions Leeds

The Turbidites Research Group


The Turbidites Research Group comprises Leeds-based workers, externally-based Associates, students and other collaborators. We also enjoy links with other groups from across the world.

Staff from the University of Leeds

Dr Adam McArthur - Principal Investigator
Prof Bill McCaffrey - Co-Investigator
Dr Gareth Keevil - Experimental Officer
Dr Marco Patacci - Associated Research Fellow

Staff from the University of Hull

Dr Rob Dorrell - Co-Investigator
Dr Ed Skevington - Research Fellow
Dr Elena Bastianon - Research Fellow

Staff from the University of Milan

Dr Georgios Pantopoulos - Research Fellow

Staff from the University of Pavia

Dr Luca Colombera - Database lead
Soma Budai - Research Fellow

Staff from the University of Dublin

Dr Lawrence Amy - Co-Investigator

PhD Students

Sheng Chen (Leeds)
Megan Davies (Leeds)
Sojiro Fukuda (Hull)
Daniele Invernizzi (Milan, Italy)
Laura McDonald (Auckland, New Zealand)
Moreno Pizzutto (Milan, Italy)
Justine Poppeschi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Michela Principi (Camerino, Italy)
Elena Scacchia (Parma, Italy)
Anthony Shorrock (Auckland, New Zealand)
Carys Simpson (Leeds)


Dr Damilola Adekanye (First Light Fusion)
Dr Paul Allen (University of Leeds)
Dr Jaco Baas (University of Bangor, Wales)
Prof Rob Butler (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Dr Claudio Di Celma (University of Camerino, Italy)
Dr Sophie Cullis (Consultant)
Prof Andrea Di Giulio (University of Pavia, Italy)
Dr Mason Dykstra (Enthought)
Dr Joris Eggenhuisen (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Dr Fabrizio Felletti (University of Milano, Italy)
Dr Fabiano Gamberi (Institute of Marine Sciences, Bologna, Italy)
Dr Bill Hakes (Consultant)
Prof Peter Haughton (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Prof Ben Kneller (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Dr Luan Ho (Tunley Engineering, UK)
Dr Simon Lomas (Consultant)
Dr Mattia Marini (University of Milano, Italy)
Dave McGee (AIM GeoAnalytics)
Dr Bill Morris (Consultant)
Dr Pierre Mueller (TH Köln, Germany)
Dr Takeshi Nakajima (Geological Survey of Japan)
Dr Hajime Naruse (Kyoto University, Japan)
Dr Hans Nelson (University of Granada, Spain)
Dr Miquel Poyatos-More (University of Barcelona, Spain)
Dr Andy Pulham (Consultant)
Dr Erik Scott (EOG Resources)
Dr Lorna Strachan (Auckland University, New Zealand)

TRG Alumni

Dr Damilola Adekanye,First Light Fusion
Dr Omar Al Ja'aidi, Shell
Dr Lawrence Amy, University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr Armin Arfaie, Contracting engineer, automotive industry
Dr Jaco Baas, University of Bangor, UK
Dr Simon Barker, Equinor
Dr Jochem Bijkerk, Shell
Dr Rufus Brunt, University of Manchester, UK
Dr Claudio Ivan Casciano, University of Catania, Italy
Dr Adriana Crisostomo Figueroa, ENI
Dr Caroline Choux, Secondary Physics Teacher, UK
Dr Sophie Cullis, West Midlands Pension Fund
Dr Issy de Cala, HR Wallingford, UK
Dr Chris Davis, Consultant
Dr Marijke De Vet, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Dr Adriana Del Pino-Sanchez, University of Leeds
Dr Rob Dorrell, University of Hull
Dr Joris Eggenhuisen, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dr Laura Faulkenberry, Nexen, US
Dr Rob Kelly, Motor Design Limited, UK
Dr Mattia Marini, University of Milan, Italy
Dr Marco Patacci, Italian Red Cross, Italy
Dr Maarten Felix, SINTEF Petroleum Research
Dr Christine Fildes, Oxy
Dr Marco Fonnesu, ENI
Dr Luan Ho, Tunley Engineering, UK
Dr James Hoyes, Health and Safety Laboratory, UK
Dr Ian Kane, University of Manchester, UK
Dr Pierre Mueller, University of Pavia, Italy
Dr Carlos Silva, Petrobras
Dr Sarah Southern, University of Calgary, Canada
Dr Lorna Strachan, Auckland University, New Zealand
Dr Riccardo Teloni, GeoMORE, University of Camerino, Italy
Dr Dan Tek, W/R/B Underwriting, UK
Dr Myron Thomas, Shell
Dr Iris Verhagen, University of Liverpool, UK
Dr Jamie Vinnels, Equinor
Dr Ke Yam, Curtin University, Malaysia
Dr Rob Whittleston, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, UK